Excellence. Integrity. Service.

These are not just idle words.

Innovation. Diversity. Collaboration.

They have power.

Professional Development. People first.

They have meaning.

These words, taken individually, convey a singular message. Together, they form the building blocks of The Bizzell Group (Bizzell)- they are our core values. These traits have always been the driving force behind our success, even if we failed to articulate them appropriately.

At our holiday party at the end of last year, we placed special emphasis on our core values by providing recognition to and awards for individual employees who best represented that respective value. Although individuals were honored, all Bizzell employees strive for and possess these characteristics. They are important to me as an individual, and crucial for us as a company as we continue to grow and expand. These values sustained us through the lean years when we first operated out of the basement of my home, and they have propelled us from those humble beginnings to where we are today; and, they will drive us deep into the future. Our core values set the standard. They call for the best in all of us.

Each day when Bizzell employees walk through our doors, they strive for excellence. They walk in with integrity. They think about professional development and they aim for innovation. They celebrate diversity, collaboration, and put people first. And, they think of ways to be of service, not only to Bizzell or their colleagues, but also to the communities in which we serve.

At Bizzell, our core values guide our daily work from our efforts in global health, to workforce development, to energy, to mental health services, and more. I know that every task performed by our employees is not always glamorous or thrilling, but we find meaning and purpose in all that we called to do because our core values are our guiding principle.

We are Bizzell. We are our core values.

Anton Bizzell, M.D.
President & CEO